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26th October 2018 for the Awards Ceremony and Dinner 


We are always looking for presenters for Churchill Chats and hosts for Winston Walks so, if you would like to contribute to your fellow Fellows knowledge base and enjoyment, please download this Form and contact our Secretary using secretary@churchillfellowsnsw.org.au



Churchill Chats  

The following Chats are being held at the Masonic Club, 169 Castlereagh St, Sydney.  We are hoping to record each Chat for a future podcast that will be mde available to members via our web and Facebook Pages.






Monday, 26 February



Geraldine Doogue 2000CF



"A Chat with Geraldine"  In a reversal of the usual way in which we normally see Geraldine,  you will get to know her better, as she is interviewed by a small panel of Fellows about her experiences during her study tour and how her Fellowship has influenced her life.

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 Monday 30 July


 Judy Saba 2010CF


A Chat with Judy and friends from Emergency Services and the Police Service


In Judy's 2010 Fellowship, she undertook to do a comparative study of diversity skills training and human rights integration in policing organizations. What started out as exploring Diversity training and Human rights integration in Policing jurisdictions in the UK, USA and Middle East has resulted in a range of unexpected applications of diversity of thought and skills to the understanding and investigation of traditional practices such as Witchcraft, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Affection Behaviors and Forced Marriage to name a few. What do these mean within a diverse and multicultural Australia. The results of her fellowship have already begun to influence National Guidelines for Diversity training in Policing.

Tonight's chat is entitled:

“How can ‘diversity of thought’ coupled with ‘roundtable case analysis’ be the key to applied cross cultural approaches to policing in NSW and how can applied diversity training approaches add value to current police training.?”

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Winston Walks  

We are seeking volunteers to host, and present at, future Winston Walks.  If you are interested please contact Elizabeth Comino at elizabethcomino@gmail.com






Saturday 6th October


Prue Golland


Saturday 6 October marks World Cerebral Palsy Day. More than raising awareness for cerebral palsy (CP), this day is an opportunity to ensure children and adults with CP have the same rights, access and opportunities as anyone else in our society.
Come and join Churchill Fellow Prue Golland (2015) as she hosts a community event celebrating World CP Day and the introduction of RaceRunners - an innovative running and mobility aid that she came across during her Fellowship travels in 2016.
Here is the link to the Eventbrite page

For enquiries email secretary@churchillfellowsnsw.org.au

Sunday 7th October


Dr Peter Weston 2014CF

 "Drifting waratahs and flying proteas: a look at the plant family Proteaceae and how its ancestors spread across the Southern Hemisphere"

Blue Mountains Botanical Garden Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens, Bells Line of Road, Mount Tomah, NSW 2758. 

Meet at the entrance of the Vistors Centre at 10:45

For enquiries email secretary@churchillfellowsnsw.org.au.

RSVP by 30th September.  

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November 10th and 11th 

 weekend  Louise Halsey 200CF & Anthony Hatch 2000CF

TUMUT          "Two Fellows present "

Anthony Hatch and Louise Halsey two country Fellows have become great mates are combining their diverse talents in Tumut

Hatchy will conduct a large animal rescue

Louise will introduce you to the recently constructed she project managed.

Through the weekend visiting Fellows will be introduced to the work of other Tumut Fellows

This will be a time to connect and enjoy the Tumut district

Sunday night, Armistice day, at 9pm to coincide with 11am Greenwich mean time there will be a commemorative service and lantern walk on the labyrinth

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For enquiries email secretary@churchillfellowsnsw.org.au






















Backstage at Fiddler on the Roof
Fellows, friends and Cast on stage at The Fiddler on the Roof
Backstage at Fiddler on the Roof
Kellie Dickerson (2014 Churchill Fellow), Musical Director of Fiddler on left
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