2018 NSW Churchill Fellows


Dr Penelope Abbott 

To research access to primary health care for people in contact with the criminal justice system - USA, Canada

Ms Patricia Adjei 

To investigate the protection of Indigenous cultural rights in Panama and the United States - Panama, USA, Switzerland 

Dr Michael Bertoldo 
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to develop cutting-edge oncofertility options for Australian females – USA

Ms Sonja Braidner 
To improve organisational inclusion and fully leverage the diversity employed in fire agencies - Japan, USA, UK, Iceland, Germany

Miss Marina Brizar 
To foster positive impacts of migration by bridging the gap between humanitarian/ skilled visa pathways - Jordan, UK, Germany, Canada, USA

Mr Daniel Brown  
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to determine effective nutritional management strategies for BCS in intensively housed dairy farms - USA, Saudi Arabia

Ms Morwenna Collett  
To explore inclusive music programs, venues and festivals which actively engage disabled people - USA, UK, Ireland

Ms Thea Deakin-Greenwood 
To explore victim-centred restorative justice programs for sexual assault and personal violence - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand

Mr Mark Dobson  
To investigate how organisations can provide purpose and reintegration opportunities for veterans – USA

Ms Jo Higgins 
To investigate different models of informal learning and youth-led engagement in arts organisations - USA, Canada

Mr Michael Holmes  
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices to improve heavy vehicle safety in urban environments - UK, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg

Ms Natalia Krysiak 
To investigate best practice for designing child-friendly high-density neighbourhoods - Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, UK

Ms Farhana Laffernis  
To identify best practice for university careers services to support Indigenous students - Canada

Ms Joanne Lane 
The Yulgilbar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate appropriate methods for introducing kelp farming aquaculture to Australia - USA, Canada, Norway, UK, Ireland

Dr Cathy Little 
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research and investigate a best practice inclusive education model for children with Autism - USA, Denmark

Miss Kate Mahony 
To investigate best practice Sports Science and Sports Medicine (SSSM) care of the female athlete - Japan, South Africa, Qatar, Norway, USA

Mr Simon Massey  
The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to transform and streamline strategic capabilities for school infrastructure planning - USA, Sweden

Mrs Louise Murphy 
To examine peer support programs to reduce mental health issues in emergency service volunteers - USA, Canada, UK

Dr Tessa Neilson 
To investigate the mental health support resources available to young adult cancer patients - USA

Dr Jessica Rogers  
To explore language acquisition methodologies for research with diverse and Indigenous students - Canada, Norway, Greece, Spain

Mr Robert Siemsen  
To study and further my understanding in the craft of traditional Coachbuilding - UK

Mr Andrew Simpson 
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge of glass mold making for art, craft and industrial production - Japan, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden

Ms Talia Stump 
To investigate strategies to support the secondary migration of refugees to regional and rural towns - Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden

Ms Samantha Turner 
To determine tangible initiatives and strategies to improve Culturally Diverse Leadership in Australia - USA, UK

Miss Kim Wolfenden 
To investigate cases of human-wildlife conflict to improve coexistence between people and sharks - USA, South Africa

Mr Matthew Wright 
To examine Disaster Victim Registration procedures and policies following an aviation emergency - China, UK, Germany, USA, New Zealand